While taking into consideration of a hat that is cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter,we created one with a very fine shape that is “standard”  yet not ordinary. We placed importance in ease of folding and carrying the hat, and that it won’t get blown away by the wind. Designed by costume artist, Kozue Hibino.

Color : unbleached cloth, black

Material : hemp

Size : Wide-brimmed hat M, L/ Narrow-brimmed hat M, L

Price : 5,800yen(tax-exclusive price)

Yata Hat Maker Co., Ltd.

Yata Hat Maker Co., Ltd. has been making woman’s hat, gentleman’s hat, sports cap and uniform hat for over 80 years in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. Hat making is turning a flat piece of cloth into a three-dimensional shape. It is a handcrafted world where subtle differences in shape and comfortableness are created based on the hatters’ experience. Even now, each hat is still handmade by skilled hatters inside a brightly lit factory.


Yata Hat Maker Co., Ltd. http://www.yataseibo.com/

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