Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture is known as the number one area in bonsai production in all of Japan. With bonsai becoming popular both at home and abroad, we are offering standard bonsai for you to get started. Each bonsai also comes with an easy to understand manual for beginners.

S     7,500yen(tax-exclusive price)

M   14,000yen(tax-exclusive price)

L   26,000yen(tax-exclusive price)

Tenkei, Takamatsu Branch

In 2009, Tenkei Project established Takamatsu branch in Shikokku.
Tenkei will operate while taking into consideration of the Takamatsu region in Shikoku.


The members of the project : Shouhei Oka (Architectect), Aiko Nakata (Web designer), Kohichi Nakata (Curator of art museums), and Ryohei Matsumura (Furniture worker).


tenkei project