Leather bag and Tote bag

These simple yet sharp real leather bags are made as covers for laptops and other portable devices. Sumida pigskin is strong, not bulky and is at a reasonable price. They aim to create a simple and standard “new skin” for your mobile devices. There are also tote bags in this series. It is a thin yet strong and portable tote bag that you can use in any situation.

■Leather Bag

Color : Black

Material : Pigskin
Size :     S  11inches  w230mm×d310mm

           M 13inches w255mm×d345mm
           L 15inches w285mm×d385mm

Price:   S 3,500yen (tax-exclusive price)
           M 3,800yen (tax-exclusive price)
           L 4,500yen (tax-exclusive price)


■Leather Tote Bag        
Color: Black

Material : Pigskin
Size : w320mm×h355mm
Price : 5,500yen (tax-exclusive price)

Sumida Kawasuki Industries Co., Ltd.

Sumida Kawasuki Industries Co., Ltd. was established in the early Taisho period as a leather slice processing company. In order to increase the utility value of pigskin in fashion industries, they took in many different types of surface finishing techniques such as stamping, punching processing, ironing, pleating, foil and film covering, cutting and ink jet printing. Because the thickness of every hide is different, even operating the machineries requires skilled workers. Sumida Kawasuki’s expertise contributed greatly to brands and designers both in Japan and overseas. From within that, development of new materials that are full of originality is carried out every day.


Sumidakawasuki Industries Co., Ltd.  http://www.sumidakawasuki.com/

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