Bicycle Stands

A new type of bicycle stand made from concrete. It is heavy, so all you need to do is to place it on the ground and it is ready for use. It is designed so that you do not need to worry about rusting, or the stand getting a little dirty. There is also a hole at the bottom for anchoring the stand to the ground. If you place the required amount of stands side by side in front of the porch or a shop, you can instantaneously create a bicycle parking lot. They also offer a double version that is most suitable for parking lots at public or commercial facilities.

Material: Concrete
Size: w190mm×d535mm×h260mm
Price:7,000yen(tax-exclusive price)


Material: Concrete
Size: w400mm×d535mm×h460mm
Price:12,000yen(tax-exclusive price)

Shibata Concrete Co., Ltd.

Shibata Concrete Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells concrete products for roads and drainage systems. They are not caught up with the stereotype that concrete should only be used for large buildings and try to make new concrete products that meet the customer’s demand, by making use of concrete’s characteristic, which are: heavy, fire-resistance, durability and freedom of shaping. Shibata Concrete Co., Ltd. uses eco-cements, which are made from the ash of domestic waste, as defined by JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).

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