Wallet and Long Wallet

A wallet made by a leather craftsman certified by a Sumida Master with nearly 50 years of experience. Taking into account an age where electronic payment is commonplace, they have created a wallet that is light, small enough to slips into your pocket easily, but big enough to carry two cards, paper money and some coins. They’ve made a thin and light wallet by making the high quality leather thinner on the outside and the partitions inside as thin as possible, without compromising its durability and balance. The long wallet is big enough for you to fit in your bankbook, passport; or even use it as a case for your glasses or smart phone. Its flexible and versatile design is also suitable for use during travel. It is a high class wallet that is simple yet timeless.

■Wallet       10,000yen (tax-exclusive price)

■Long wallet  15,000yen (tax-exclusive price)


Color:Black, blue





With the skills and experiences of making high class leather products inherited from their ancestors, they produce products for both OEM and themselves. Sakura’s products are surprisingly light because they consider strength and lightness as the two essential elements in their products. The creation of Sakura’s products begins with matching the design and the material. The craftsmen match the leather, each with its own characteristics, to the product design, and meticulously cut the leather without leaving any waste as much as possible, and complete every single product in a polite way. It is not a method where mass production is possible, but it does not easily lose its shape because of the sturdy sewing techniques used. It is a product that you can continue to use for many years to come. Sakura obtains all the necessary items for the product packaging, from printed material to box, from Sumida local products.


Sakura http://www.leather-handmade.com/sakura/index.html

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