Baby clothes (comes with a “semamori” charm kit)

It is said that a stitch at the back of clothes wards off evil, but baby clothes nowadays do not have such stitch. To replace that stitch, “semamori” charm is embroidery that comes in various designs. The baby clothes come with a picture book with classic embroidery designs, chalk and a 3 color embroidery threads set, so that anyone can create this “semamori” charm. With the reliable quality of a Japanese baby apparel manufacturer of over 80 year’s history, this is most suitable as a gift.


Material : 100% cotton

Color : red, white

Price : 3,980yen(tax-exclusive price)

Ogura Meriyasu Co., Ltd.

Ogura Meriyasu Co., Ltd. is a well-established apparel factory founded in 1929. They focused mainly on baby and children OEM apparel, but they also produce ladies and men’s wear, baby carrier and dog clothes in domestic and overseas factory. Apparel manufacturing industry can be roughly divided into three main categories: jersey, cloth (suits and shirts) and knitted wear. Ogura started their business in the jersey industry as an “undergarment shop”. Baby and children apparel is one of their primary sources of revenue and they produce them in both cloth and jersey. It is rare to have a company that deals with both jersey and cloth. The running cost of the baby and children apparel industry is high, so most Japanese producers withdrew from the business.
In accordance to the laws set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, their cloth is disinfected with formalin (formaldehyde) first so as to protect children from skin disorders. As air contamination is a constant threat in the factory, they observe strict environmental protocols and check twice (on the materials and products) during the manufacturing process.
There is a huge difference in size between adult clothes and baby and children apparel that the pattern making and sewing processes take a great deal of time. With over 50 years of track record and experience, they believe it is their mission to contribute to the smile of your baby and family.


Ogura Meriyasu Co., Ltd.

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