Fountain Pen


A fountain pen made by the only manufacturer of ebonite products in Japan. Ebonite is a material first used for resin fountain pen in the 19th century. Ebonite is most suitable as a material for fountain pens as it has a high accuracy of finishing, doesn’t warp after many years of use, and is resistant to corrosion by ink and other sources. Since ebonite is giving way to easy-to-produce plastic in recent years, there are only a few companies in the world that produce ebonite fountain pens, and Nikko Ebonite is the only company in Japan that produces them. The captive craftsman makes 5 to 6 fountain pens a day by traditional way turning off from solid material and polishing. The feeling which lies comfortably in hand is a property inherent in ebonite. The craftsman completes from forming pen shaft to chasing the cap. The nib coordinated by sharpening, and you can enjoy delicacy that mass-produced products don’t have.

Color : Black

Material:Ebonite (pen shaft)
Price:32,380yen (tax-exclusive price)
Pen nib:Fine, Medium Fine, Thick


Nikko Ebonite Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Established in 1952, they are the only manufacturer of ebonite products in Japan. Since then, in order to produce the highest quality product, they have researched and have honed their experience over the years. There used to be many manufacturers making ebonite fountain pen using lathes in Jotou and Johoku areas in Tokyo, but nowadays there rarely are craftsmen with the skills required. In Nikko Ebonite, such ebonite fountain pen craftsman becomes an instructor to train the young apprentices, from forming the pen shaft to adjusting the pen tip, and thereby safeguarding the trade. Their ebonite harmonica won the incentive award by TASK project in the joint development category in 2009.

Nikko Ebonite Mfg. Co. Ltd.

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