A bank clerk’s briefcase is called “shougai (public relations) kabann (bag)” in Japan. The shougai kabann made by Maruyama Leather Goods Store has unmatched durability compared to those made by other companies. We have redesigned the shougai kabann so that it is simple, modern and lifetime genuine leather bag. The leather used for the shougai kabann is reinforced with padding and lining, with a thickness of 2.2mm. The current design is suitable for everyday use for both man and woman. In order to reduce the weight of the bag, they have taken out the padding. However, the thickness of the smooth leather, liscio, remains the same at 2.2mm. They have also removed the stiffness of the bag from the reinforcement and made it soft to the touch. The original shougai kabann handle is reinforced with thick vinyl to better withstand the bag’s weight. Since bank clerks have to carry with them books and coins close to 15kg every day, the heavy-duty bag was designed for that purpose. Our redesigned bag took away the vinyl from the handle, but thick two-layered leather is used as reinforcement instead. They are still using manual sewing machine to sew and make the two-layered leather round even now. The handle and the body part are held together using 2 tacks just like in the original design, but it is covered up to keep in line the simple design. The tacks at the bottom have also been taken out to make the bag look sharper. The bag’s lock is also selected from simple design. Thus, the shougai kabann is reborn.

They also offer after-sales service with the purchase of the bag, and this is the reason why it is called “a bag of a lifetime”. Please be aware that it will take two months to manufacture the bag after you’ve placed your order.


price : 60,000yen (tax-exclusive price)

Maruyama Leather Goods Store

They started their business in 1947 making harnesses and caparisons for horses. As City modernized and the demand for harnesses fell in recent decades, they switched to making bags and pouches instead. Since then, they have been responding to customers’ requests and produced bags for both industrial and business use. In the era that restricted the use of leather, they produced school bags and satchels made of canvas for students. Their products have gained a good reputation for its durability and long-lastingness. They created their famous product, the canvas tote bag, with the skills and experiences they’ve gained over the years.

After the restriction on leather was lifted, they started making very durable tool bags. They have also started taking special orders from many businesses such as electric, telecommunication, railway companies and banks. Their goal is to simply make bags that are “durable and long-lasting”. They also repair other companies’ products and they learned how to make even more durable products in the process. While other companies’ bags break within the first 3 months, theirs can last for at least 5 years. The reproduction of the train conductor’s bag, that has become popular in recent years, has many male as well as female fans across Japan. Therefore, they have started making train conductor’s bag outside of Kagoshima prefecture.


Maruyama Leather Goods Store

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