Stadium jacket

A stadium jacket created by a leather clothing manufacturer established in 1932. The sleeves are made from firm horse leather. The ribbings are sourced from local producers. With the built-in double wool melton, the jacket is excellent at retaining heat. The materials and patterns are carefully chosen after vigorous fitting tests, and they pour all the skills they have honed over many years as the designated factory for many famous brands into their cutting, sewing and manufacturing processes. Water buffalo 23mm buttons are used. This is made for adults with a sharp yet simple design. This stadium jacket is the genuine article of the sophisticated leather apparel making skills that Sumida ward boasts.

Size : S, M, L

Price : 57,000yen (tax-exclusive price)


Kumeseni Industries Co., Ltd.

A t-shirt specialist that pioneered the “color round neck” on t-shirts in Japan. Saichi Kume established the company as an underwear manufacturer in Ishihara, Tokyo in 1935. His son, Shinichi Kume, had a passion for movies and he admired Hollywood stars Marlon Brando and James Dean’s t-shirt styles, so he retailored the design patterns for the Japanese people. By working with sewing machine manufacturers to improve the sewing method, they started the production of the color round neck t-shirts. As experienced craftsmen with over half a century of experience in making t-shirts, they pay the utmost attention to every detail, from picking the material, to cutting, sewing and the finishing.
With their technical expertise, their group’s printing company won the top prize in Golden Squeegee award at a print show sponsored by Screen-printing Association International (SPAI). As a textile manufacturer, they were the first to obtain the ISO14001 certification in 2001. They continuously participate in environmentally sustainable practices such as popularizing organic cotton and adopting green power for their production process.
They believe that messages and pictures designs on t-shirts are mediums in joining people’s hearts, so they participate in many events and projects, like at the Sand Art Museum, in order to connect Japanese “culture” and “things” to the future through their t-shirts.


Kumeseni Industries Co., Ltd.

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