A product made in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, also known as the city of wooden products from long ago. This is a very light stool made from local Nikko cypress. While the design is very basic, it is shaped so that it can be stacked on top one another. Its main features are its lightness and the beautiful wood grain unique to conifer wood.

Material: Nikko cypress
Size : w400mm×d400mm×h400mm
Price : 16,000yen(tax-exclusive price)

Washbowl and Bath chair

The design reflects the beauty of the wood grain by embedding the bronze hoops on the inside of the washbowl. By leaving out the batten, the bath chair gives a sharp impression. You can put the washbowl under the chair. There are slip stoppers at the bottom of the chair legs.


Materia : Nikko cedar

Size : ∅220mm×h125mm

Price : 14,000yen(tax-exclusive price)


■Bath chair

Material : Nikko cedar

Size : w350mm×d170mm×h200mm

Price : 3,600yen(tax-exclusive price)


Soap tray

A simple design that emphasizes the characteristics of the wooden material. The wooden boards of the mount are tilted inwards so that water can be thoroughly drained.


Material: red pine

Size : w83mm×d83mm×h21mm

Price : 640yen(tax-exclusive price)



Material: red pine

Size : w134mm×d83mm×h21mm

Price : 960yen(tax-exclusive price)



Material: red pine

Size : w222mm×d83mm×h21mm

Price : 1,400yen(tax-exclusive price)

Hoshino Industries Co., Ltd.

Established 65 years ago, Hoshino Industries Co., Ltd. started as a wooden bucket maker in Tochigi Prefecture. They have since expanded into other wooden products, from kitchen utensils and bath supplies to office furniture.
It was told that carpentry in Kanuma, Tochigi prefecture started with the construction of Nikko Toshogu shrine. In order to construct the shrine, joiners and shrine carpenters were gathered from all over Japan and their techniques were passed down from generation to generation. Sourcing from Japanese cedar, Japanese cypress and fir trees from the forest area in the north-west, carpenters in Kanuma produced quality items with their advanced carpentry techniques. Kanuma became known as a prominent area for carpentry in Japan through opening up sales route primarily to the capital.
As a local producer in Tochigi prefecture, Hoshino Industries has a strong preference for using domestic wood. While taking good care of the cycle of natural resources – “Planting trees, cultivating trees, cutting down trees and using wood”, they make wooden products that the Japanese are familiar with and continue to love since ancient times.
With the techniques that are honed over many generations and Hoshino Industries’ records over the years, they strive to meet the demands of an era of diversifying needs, by conducting continuous research and development.


Hoshino Industries Co., Ltd.

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