lacquered bowl

This basic bowl is made with the ease of use in mind, and not as a folk art. With the matte finish that has a texture unique to lacquer, the white and black bowl grows more lustrous the more you use it.
The amber lacquer bowl will turn into a color close to white over time.
With this bowl, you can enjoy the original lacquer texture that you can’t enjoy with other resin bowls.

Price6,800yen (tax-exclusive price)

Makigamishokai Co., Ltd.

They started their business as a wholesale merchant of sheepskin leather in Sumida Wand in 1932. Their factory in Minamiboso City, Chiba prefecture was built in 1970. They are rare in that their leather apparel manufacturing process all happens in Japan, from start to finish. They are highly skilled in making leather products, from tanning (the process of turning animal hide into leather), to dyeing, skiving, and sewing. The skills of the workers tempered over many years in the apparel business are highly regarded. They strive to keep making products which are high in quality and with great cost-performance in an honest manner that is distinctive of a factory brand.


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