Memoblock/Drawing Pad

Memoblock is a memo pad of fine craftsmanship. From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, each block is painstakingly prepared by craftsmen in paper. The thick mount is unique in that it is made by binding pieces of cardboard paper together. The contrast between the paper sheets and thick mount creates a striking presence when viewed from the side. When you use a pencil to write on a black Memoblock, your words will appear in silver. Enjoy the unexpected, as Memoblock is like a small interior object that harmonizes the atmosphere no matter where you place it. Memoblock is popular among people in the creative industry. You can create a B5 block when you put all 3 different sized Memoblock together. Memoblock won the Good Design Award in 2010.


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Bicycle Stands

A new type of bicycle stand made from concrete. It is heavy, so all you need to do is to place it on the ground and it is ready for use. It is designed so that you do not need to worry about rusting, or the stand getting a little dirty. There is also a hole at the bottom for anchoring the stand to the ground. If you place the required amount of stands side by side in front of the porch or a shop, you can instantaneously create a bicycle parking lot. They also offer a double version that is most suitable for parking lots at public or commercial facilities.

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A bank clerk’s briefcase is called “shougai (public relations) kabann (bag)” in Japan. The shougai kabann made by Maruyama Leather Goods Store has unmatched durability compared to those made by other companies. We have redesigned the shougai kabann so that it is simple, modern and lifetime genuine leather bag. The leather used for the shougai kabann is reinforced with padding and lining, with a thickness of 2.2mm. The current design is suitable for everyday use for both man and woman. In order to reduce the weight of the bag, they have taken out the padding. However, the thickness of the smooth leather, liscio, remains the same at 2.2mm. They have also removed the stiffness of the bag from the reinforcement and made it soft to the touch. The original shougai kabann handle is reinforced with thick vinyl to better withstand the bag’s weight. Since bank clerks have to carry with them books and coins close to 15kg every day, the heavy-duty bag was designed for that purpose. Our redesigned bag took away the vinyl from the handle, but thick two-layered leather is used as reinforcement instead. They are still using manual sewing machine to sew and make the two-layered leather round even now. The handle and the body part are held together using 2 tacks just like in the original design, but it is covered up to keep in line the simple design. The tacks at the bottom have also been taken out to make the bag look sharper. The bag’s lock is also selected from simple design. Thus, the shougai kabann is reborn.

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Our concept

“Tenkei” (meaning “standard” in Japanese) is a design archetype that anyone would recognize. Through the “culture of precision” (accuracy, honesty and cleanliness) that is deeply rooted in Japanese factories, we strive to develop a new standard.

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tenkei project