Our concept

<What we, Tenkei project, think of Standard (Tenkei)>

“Tenkei” (meaning “standard” in Japanese) is a design archetype that anyone would recognize. Through the “culture of precision” (accuracy, honesty and cleanliness) that is deeply rooted in Japanese factories, we strive to develop a new standard.


● Tenkei is culture.
An absolute Tenkei (standard) doesn’t exist. Tenkei is an interpretation that is linked to the region and era.

● Tenkei is easy to produce and easy to use.
Tenkei is born from the steady need and production. It is important that there isn’t any complication during the production process, sale process and when the customers are using our products.

● Tenkei is format development.
Tenkei is a model (format) that is developable. By conceptualizing many different variations, each model’s lifespan is also extended.


Tenkei Head Office
Planning: Tomoharu Matsuda, Good Idea Co., Ltd.
3D Graphics: Nami Makishi, Luft
Graphics: Wataru Noritake Paperback Co., Ltd.

Project Contact
Good idea Co., Ltd.: +82-3-6411-7654

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